Sunday, 8 November 2009

TOTW45: Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone

This video is either, depending on your view, very original and quite witty; or bloody boring. I’m still undecided. It’s directed by Richard Ayoyade out-of-off-of the IT Crowd, so it’s clearly meant to be funny, and there’s some funny bits – but it could do with a bit of, you know, something.

Still, music is not about how it looks, otherwise John & Edward would have been crowned Extractor X-Factor champions long ago – it’s about the song and the singing. Written about “meeting girls in pubs who remind [Alex Turner] of the one he’s trying to forget” (Uncut magazine), the lyrics manage the first rhyme of toast and ghost since Des’Ree without it sounding even half as cheesy. It’s a soft song, and it paints a story which a lot of songs don’t do.

In essence, the simple video matches the simple song – but it manages to still have tension and a climax. All round good egg then.


Bubbling Under

Jamie Cullum – I’m all over it

Athele – Black Swan Song


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