Monday, 4 January 2010

Muse: The Resistance


How long have Muse been around for now? The short answer is well over a decade, so I’m quite ashamed to come to them late. Hearing a song on the radio I’ve often enjoyed it, but only appreciated them as a band since V2008.

As a result, this is the first album I’ve bought of theirs, and have been anything but disappointed. It’s imposing, and powerful. Much has been said about the 3-part Exogenesis that concludes the album – and I can only agree. It’s described as a symphony, and it can be very moving.

Personal highlight is probably the title track, with its eyrie opening and full-on chorus. I’m a bit bewildered by the heavy Queen influence on United States of Eurasia that I spotted as soon as listened to it, and am not the only one. MK Ultra also seems to start with the theme to Treasure Hunt.

There’s little to say against this album. One of those rare beasts with not a single dud track – even in comparison they’re all as strong as each other, and also very different – whilst keeping the essential sense of assembly. It’s easy to listen from start to finish again, and again, which is obvious the true test.

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