Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sound of 2009 - Reviewed

At the tail end of 2008, the entire 'Bites team went through the BBC's "Sound of 2009" long list and cast our thoughts on the offerings. Let's see how close we got to the answer shall we?

The Big Pink
Has it been a successful year or not? Dominos still is heard on occasion, got into the top 30 and is a good song - but have they made it into the public conciousness beyond a bit of niche for the other music?
Florence and the Machine
Yeah, she's better known now - still as popular, still as talented.
Little Boots
Won the Beeb's poll, and surely everyone now knows the tune to Remedy. Good result.
The Temper Trap
See later and the Empire of the Sun, just on a more pronounced scale. Big in their native Australia - top 10 album. Less so here, album peaked at 26 but the singles were nowhere.
Mumford & Sons
I asked for more, have now seen them live, and picked the single. Didn't get to the BBC's top 10 - but I do believe that they made a mistake here, and I think they're now much better known.
I think an average year - some decent chart success, and some recognition by yours truly. But only some, and I'm worried it may end up just being a flash in a pan instead of a long-term talent, because it's not bad.
La Roux
Only fifth in the BBC poll, but a huge success story and now very well know. I think Stig got it right when he said that the music was catchy and different, and that's why the singles have gone into the top end of the chart and stayed there.
Empire of the Sun
"Not enough to make it big." I said. BBC differed by putting the Australian band 4th, their home crowd differed even more by giving them 4 Aria Awards. Top 10 single with Walking on a Dream, and I've grown to like them. I don't think we've seen the end of them in Blighty yet, by far.
Kid Cudi
"He could become big - supporting Kanye West is a good start, and I've heard of West. But, even if he did, I wouldn't notice."
I haven't noticed him. Have you?
Passion Pit
It's taken up to Little Secrets to get some attention, but we're there eventually. Maybe an honourary mention in Sound of 2010 could be more appropriate?
White Lies
I said that they'd go from strength to strength in the New Year, and with a number 1 album that was proved. I've picked them on TOTW, but, haven't heard anything from them in a while. Which is a shame, because they are pretty good.
VV Brown
A dissapointment in the public gaze I think. I still like her, there's plenty of critical acclaim - but an album only getting to number 30 does not "Sound of the year" make.
Lady GaGa
Re-reading what I said last year, and describing her as "not my cup of tea", I don't know if I stand by that or not. I do like Lady GaGa now. She's certainly popular, and made it big. But, she has never made it to the dizziest heights in the music industry as one of my TOTWs. I do sometimes think that her music is a bit garish (or is that just her dresses). And, several singles on this year, I'm beginning to wonder if we're stuck in the loop. I can't be as harsh as I was last year, the music is enjoyable, but I think it still isn't my main music of choice.
Master Shortie
Again, who?
Dan Black
Dan Black was really starting to get a name for himself this time last year. But, he seems to have vanished, the debut album came out without much ceremony and I completed missed it. Where's he gone?

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