Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Guilty Secrets

I’m a Gleek.

I watched the pilot probably a few months ago now, just because it was on the telly. And whilst I didn’t immediately leap to it and say it was brilliant, I didn’t dislike it in the same way as a lot of American programmes.

But, a bit later, I knew a lot of people were talking about it, so gave it a second chance.

And now I can’t get enough of it.

Glee - don't Stop Believin' from Mira on Vimeo.

Take this clip, from the same said pilot. It’s a great cover of a great tune.

The entire show is feelgood, and the music is well sung. The characters are actually characters and not 2-dimensional droids, especially my favourite demonic PE teacher Sue Sylvester ably portrayed by Jane Lynch.

It got a brilliant review on the Radio Times website for the same reasons that I like it.

I love Glee because it's proper escapism; you can switch on and get lost in happiness before emerging, blinking, into the light, realising you've just passed an hour watching a piece of TV fiction that didn't send you spinning into existential despair. And if it makes you want to wear glitter eyeshadow, then what's wrong with that?

-Alison Graham

OK, I don’t end up wanting to wear glitter eyeshadow. But I do want to get up and have a daft dance. It doesn’t stretch your intelligence at all – but telly doesn’t need to. It’s just a good bit of fun. Which is what “entertainment” is all about.

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