Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Unsung: The Kid Jones

It’s been a long time since Unsung had made a feature, but about as long since The Kid Jones first sent me an e-mail saying hello.

Now I can definitely talk about them though as their first single Juliet is out next Monday. It’s a good catchy number with electronic roots and a chorus that we can all sing. I particularly like the random dreamy bit about two-thirds through… A nice twist on the usual generic indie stuff.

The other songs on the standard myspace listing are also pretty good. Greenlight is the slow and moody guitar one, Mario Sings is the rockier one.

Listening whilst doing other things, it’s proved to be brilliant background music. And, I imagine they’d be a great live band. I might not, just yet, buy any album – but I’ll listen to them again, which is a good thing after a first listen only.

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