Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Float like a bee, sting like a butterfly

TOTW is here...a little late. I'm very sorry - I've had little time to get on the net recently. I wish I could say it was a hot girl, but she's just average.

Anyway - for this week's I've decided I must think like an Asp....since I only came up with my favourite bands last week as winners.

So first I'll throw in the woman from a broken home. Mads is back with the second single from her 43rd album, titled Nothing New.

Give It 2 Me is the track - remember the scene where your Dad embarasses you with his new Casio keyboard, as the whiny depthless synth sounds pulse away pretending to be something they're not along with the Bossa Nova preset beat pattern which sounds as good as hitting two pieces of plastic together?

Okay, maybe it was just me. And I still haven't got the hang of this have I? I mean I love this song, I love Madonna - love it when women vocode their voice so much it sounds like a dalek, it really rocks. Please buy this song.

I'll throw in the Ting Tings here. This is no Not My Name - infact, it's not very interesting at all. As tracks from their album go, this is one of the blandest most unoriginal ones to be honest, but is still okay as a song (see, I complemented it!).

So, Shut Up And Let Me Go, which sounds a little too much like New Young Pony Club, who sold their soul to Intel with Icecream, follows the pattern perfectly with the Apple iPod ad.

So the two videos that get posted, to imply they in fact 'won' this, the most desired of all weekly chart countdowns...

I'll firstly throw in Gabriella Cilmi. An unfortunate emergent from the soul sounding crew of girls being churned out, Sweet About Me had an annoying hook, but was way too retro and lacked anything that hadn't been heard 40 years ago - Don't Want To Go To Bed Now has another great hook, and a bouncy beat - yeah, it's fine. I won't buy it, but I wouldn't turn it off if it was on the radio. That's a good sign, honest.

You'll have to make do with the live version, all the official video's have embedding disabled - spoil sports.

Gabriella Cilmi - I Don't Want To Go To Bed Now

New release here, though been out in America a while is Melee, and Built To Last. Typical piano rock, not too different to OneRepublic and the such like. It's a pleasant enough summer tune. It could be anyone really...after it's forgotten it'll get covered by some boyband in 5 years or so and be made to sound even soppier, so get it whilst it's at least got a bass guitar and a single vocalist on it.

Melee - Built To Last

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