Saturday, 12 July 2008

Hooray, Hooray, He's Away On Holiday!

Tunes of the Week 08 - #28

Well, time for tune of the week. And what a bunch we have for you. I've been left some tracks to put into contention - so without further ado, here they are: Newton Faulkner.

<5 minutes later>

Sorry, I overslept. That was a wonderful powernap. Almost as good as the one I almost had seeing Counting Crows last week before I made a quick getaway for the exit!

Also in the running is comeback queen Kylie, and The One. As our holidaying blogmaster left me a note, pointing out the BBC news pips being sampled in the beginning. True enough. This is Kylie refusing to leave the 80's, makes Impossible Princess seem positively futuristic. A zombie like song structure of synth pads and heavily produced vocals - sounds great in a way, but, well, pointless. She looks a lot taller in this video too.

There's some more acoustic guitars and sing like you're speaking lyrics from Aidan Smith on his track, Drapes In Black which can be found at his Myspace page. Now that I have no idea what decade I'm in, lets move on...

Travis are back, and releasing a preview single with no video it seems for J Smith. Follows on in the style from their last album nicely. However, it doesn't make my top two.

French band The Teenagers (featuring Errol from Fifteen Stories High I think ;)) have a new track out, as their own 20 year old sound permeates through.

The Teenagers - Make It Happen

I've probably mentioned these before, certainly on my blog if not here - but Brighton's nu-grunge act, Blood Red Shoes release one of the stand out tracks from their debut album, though Laura-Mary's hair continues to travel back in time itself with every release.

Blood Red Shoes - This Is Not For You

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