Thursday, 11 June 2009

Medi & The Medicine

image I'm no Londonner, but some of you certainly are - so it's time for a gig tip.

Tomorrow (That's Friday), hot new band (I've always wanted to say that) Medi & The Medicine are performing at the Raison d'etre show at Pigalle.

Pigalle being the appropriate place, because the band have made it big in Paris if not yet this side of La Manche. Given I'm a dedicated francophile, all the more reason to go. Time Out have also recommended the gig as a "Clubby session with a jazz/reggae/Afro-jazz/worldbeat feel".

But it's one band that's been tipped to me - and I am immediately impressed. There's a variety of sounds on their myspace, from the sooth acoustic Gone too far to the sing-along dance-crazy I know what you did, all are well written and easy on the ear.

Even though I can't be at Pigalle on Friday, there really is a reason to be (see what I did?) there...

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