Saturday, 13 June 2009

Miike Snow

I recently got an e-mail with this weird "viral" video.

The clips come from the dodgy "cult" 80s TV Show, 'Manimal'. Never heard of it either? It only ever made 8 episodes, I wouldn't worry about it, it's hardly CHiPs...

The music however comes from Miike Snow, who is definitely more of an American act than anyone who's made it over here in Blightly. The three guys who make up the group with their electronic pop are actually mainly Swedish, with only one yank in the line-up.

The tunes are very familiar, with melodies that remind me of One Republic amongst others (see Silvia to see if you agree with that one). But it's the accompaniment that makes the group stand out a bit from the crowd. Stand out track is Song for No One, even though with those opening cars I'm left thinking Vampire Weekend.

Personally, it doesn't stand out that much for me to be crawling with enthusiasm. But as decent background music for radio playlists, it's perfectly in the ball park. Worth a listen.

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