Saturday, 5 December 2009

In Concert: Paul Weller

Carlisle Sands Centre – December 3rd 2009

For once, the support band only warrants a passing mention. Twisted Wheel were all well and good, but they’re no Paul Weller.

For the once time at the Sands Centre, I was able to forget that the venue is actually a sports hall for most of the year.

The atmosphere was nothing short of incredible. Which I suppose is only reasonable to expect from such a legendary artist. The Jam, the Style Council, and a solo career still going today – the set contained everything new and old.

Weller even seemingly apologised for some of the ‘new’. “It’s difficult hearing some things for the first time,” he said about one track “but it’s a good one”. And, even if someone in the packed auditorium wasn’t overly impressed, I’m sure it was made up for with classics like You do something to me, Shout to the top, and a final encore of Town Called Malice.

What was particularly impressive was, in hearing so much of his work in one place at one time, was how varied it can be. From quiet acoustic numbers through to loud mosh-pit enducing choruses – all were there. All were sung with passion, enthusiasm, and power.

To say “he’s still got it” is a cliche – but it’s true. And it’s great to see that people of Weller’s repute are still gigging, still putting their all into it, and still appearing to have fun along the way.

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