Friday, 4 December 2009

In Concert: The Automatic

Carlisle Brickyard – November 26th

What’s that coming over the hill?

It’s a brand new album from everyone’s favourite Welsh indie-rockers, the Automatic. After the huge success of debut album “Not accepted anywhere” in 2006, “This is a fix” was a difficult 2nd album in 2008 not getting to the top 40. However, “Tear the Signs Down” is going to be their first album on their own label – out next February – and they’re now off promoting it in advance together with the new single Interstate (out 6 December).

Support came from Straight Lines, another Welsh group with their debut album coming out early next year. It was a classic warm-up performance – loud, raucous, and infectious. There wasn’t a bad song in the set, particular favourites being the slightly twisted tune in All my friends have joined the army and the complete power of To be honest. The first album could well be one to look forward to.

Back to the headliners then, it was a nice mix of nice and old. Starting with Steve McQueen and featuring, of course, Monster, there were the songs that everyone was able to sing along to. Paul Mullen joined the band around the time of the second album, and I think it’s clear to tell that he’s got his feet more under the table (as it were) – taking the vocals on more of the new songs, and giving a subtly different feel to the music.

It’s like the band have grown up in a way, and was a very hopeful indication that the new album will be good fun.

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