Tuesday, 16 September 2008

TOTW 16/09/2008

It's that time again folks, another TOTW! And possibly the last one I do for a bit.

On Asp's shortlist this week we have 4 new tracks to get through, and as seems to be the norm, 2 of them I like, and 2 I don't like so much. Better get cracking then.

First of all, it's another familiar sounding number, from Adele. Or is it the Raconteurs. 

Just a bit of the jazzy, Amy Whinehouse style there eh? Well ok, more than a bit. A lot! I wonder if the former's popularity has made this one of the new "must do" styles. Whatever. Ignore the rubbish video [video!?] and enjoy it.

Which is something you might not do with Weezer - apparently named after an Asthmatic, these guys seem to like to rock - but not sing in tune... I didn't enjoy their debut of Pork and beans, and I'm afraid that "Troublemaker" also does nothing for me at all. 

Closer to the mark was White Lies and "Death". Which is only slightly morbid. It's still a good listen to though, so check it out - although small children might be affected by the strange imagery in the video. It is definitely a close 3rd for the title this week. How to describe it... um... Maroon 5 with orchestral bits. Yes, that'll do.

Lastly, it's the Guillemots. Strange sea birds squaking or rather catchy and weirdly familiar music? Whatever, I like it! 

No, it's not the official video [there isn't one] - I've no idea who's behind it, but here it is anyway. It's an interesting revival of the orchestral hit voice. Definatley has a strangely retro vibe about it eh? Still. pretty good. It's very close to White Lies though, and it's hard to split the two.

There, Cat - well and truly - in amongst the Pigeons!

And that's all folks. If you liked it say so, if you didn't, say so anyway.


Asp said...

I'm confused.

2 you like, 2 you don't like quite as much....

And yet White Lies and Guillemots were so close?

The STIG said...

... Um Well, close or not, I liked Guillemots more than White Lies... hows that?