Tuesday, 9 September 2008

TOTW - 9th Sept (sorry it's a bit late!)

back once again with the renegade bathtub...

It's tune of the week time again folks, and Asp has furnished me with a much shorter shortlist than last time out. He's actually been W**king!*

Lets start with something which sounds strangely familiar. The Feeling, Join with Us

It's catchy, it's got the obligitary unexplainable video, and it's got a really nice Feeling behind it. It's also not new. it's at least 2 years old, but it's only just been released as a single and is the tile track of the band's new album. So that ought to explain the familiarity. Oh and this might also explain it.

If you're after something a bit rockier, why not try the first of the American artists this week, and Kings of Leon's new track Sex on Fire. It's not actually bad at all, and would make an excellent driving song. A quick note before you look for the video ... don't watch if you're fond of chickens, or scared of Gloves.

Daniel Powter also sounds familiar. I can't quite work out why. Even so if you're after something laid back whilst at the same time upbeat, you could do far worse than Next Plane Home, and right now, as I'm listening to it, the RAF decide now is a good point in time to do some low level flying practice, bugger off you evil gits! I'm listening to music about ... planes... The Irony!!

Now I'm sorry, but I have never really liked Black Kids. Oh bugger, that sounds wrong! The band Black kids that is, and I remain indifferent to them despite their latest offering, Look at Me. I also detect a small swipe at Daft Punk with their animated, or at least semi animated music video. 

I started with a nice upbeat number, and I finish with a rather sadder one. Duffy has been making a name for herself as the choice for some nice chilled out music, and Stepping Stone seems to keep up that reputation nicely. It's the trademark jazz influence which does it for me. But why does she keep singing songs about breaking up!?

No this isn't the official video, you'll have to look for it yourself. Now, someone tell me why she reminds me of Dusty Springfield?

So there we have it again. Until the next time folks. 

*That's working, if you didn't work that out yourself!

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