Sunday, 14 December 2008

An Artist's fear - Broken strings?

It got quite a glowing comment last week, even if not the full TOTW. So, here it is again:

Broken Strings is just an excellent duet. It builds up in the right places, and settles down at the right time too. The lyrics fit, and vocals match. I wouldn't expect to be liking it as much as I am. But I am.

It's the season of goodwill, and there's lots of Christmas songs about. Some of which are worth a mention.

Those Wombats are back again, with Is This Christmas? (15 Dec). It's basically the same as everyone other Wombats song, just with some sleigh bells thrown in. So, whilst I'm far from anti-Wombats (the RSPCA would probably get annoyed if I was), there's just nothing particularly special there to get me in the Christmas mood.

So, I google Feels like Christmas, and come up with the Muppets Christmas Carol. What I was actually looking for though was the latest from The Feeling. It's certainly more of a Christmas song that the Wombats, and is properly Christmas. Not tacky at all, and quite serene.

The Killers often normally release a Christmas song. So, releasing this years with Elton John and Neil Tenant out of off of the Pet Shop Boys - a prefect match, right? Well, not according to some. I've discussed it with regular contributor Hazard, and we both agree - it's good. The video for Joseph, better you than me is pretty crap, fair dos, but it's a simple Christmas song. And, it goes to the true spirit of Christmas - remember what that is? Just with a slightly different take on it. Maybe it needs to be a bit of quiet. But I like it.

Everytime Keane release a single from their Perfect Symmetry album, I keep saying that they're moving closer back to their old roots. And with the title track (29 Dec), I'm left saying it again. Still, there's still nothing I don't like. It's catchy, it's got a good tune - so what's not to like?

But with a video with lots of wrapped boxes, baloons, and everyone dancing around - it must be a Christmassy sugar-gum pop record, right?

Well, maybe not then. Lily Allen hasn't been around for a bit - too busy presenting some so called chat show probably - but she's back, and The Fear is the lead single from "It's not me, It's You" which is the album out on Feb 9th. It's got the traditionally bouncy tune that's easily sing along - even if the lyrics suggest something totally different. Nothing wrong with it at all - and this is from the same woman who found the rhyme between tesco and alfresco, so she can still do no wrong in my eyes!

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