Saturday, 27 December 2008

From a Christmas Mix

TOTW 2008 - #52

It's difficult at this time of year to pick TOTW. I still listen to the radio, but inbetween all the Christmas songs the current "hits" are in comparatively short supply. Thankfully, there were two tracks which have been of particular attention, so I'm able to have the standard number of TOTWs. I'm not thinking that they're brilliant tunes, unfortunately, but they've certainly been the sing-a-long songs of the the past few days

The Feeling - Feels Like Christmas

Also, with no other nominated tracks, I don't feel too bad about picking December's last chance quite early on. Although, there is an important reason for this - for it to go into the longlist for the Tune of the Year selection, which I'll probably post at somepoint around New Year. That's the look forward to (well, maybe) - here's a very catchy tune, Titus Andronicus by, erm, Titus Andronicus

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