Monday, 29 December 2008

The Killers - Day & Age

Being the stingy Northerner that I am, I don't generally buy an album before it's been around for a while, and I've heard a number of the tracks that will feature on it.

It's also the case that there's very few artists I have every album for (save for those that have only released one).

But the latter appears to negate the former, as when I knew that the Killers were bringing out a new album, it was a case of when I bought the new album, and not if.

OK, I wasn't queuing up in the shop on the day of release - blame the credit crunch and lack of Student discount nowadays.

Surprisingly, first impressions of the album weren't that good. OK, we already knew I like Human, but save for Spaceman (which I still think is the best track on the album) there didn't seem to be any classic sing-out tracks in the style of Mr Brightside and the others we all know and love.

But, they've definitely grown on me. The disco-funk of Joy Ride, the enchanting I can't stay, and the semi-futuristic The World We Live In being particular highlights. What's particularly good about the album is that no tracks are the same. Each tune is distinctly different, there's no sense of repetition at all. It's the mark of a good album, with time put into every performance.

I don't think it's quite got to the stage where I could happily listen to it on repeat ad-infinitum. And it's not my album of the year. But it's still very good. Taking a punt on it as a partial unknown quality was well worth it.

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