Saturday, 20 December 2008

Still pics for Christmas

TOTW 2008 - #51

Wow, the year is nearly done. This is the penultimate TOTW, and it doesn't seem that long ago things started.

Of course, tomorrow is when we're going to find out who's going to be Christmas No2. So, I think I better mention the inevitable number 1.

I have mentioned in the past that I don't think it's possible to record a bad version of Hallelujah. Not that long ago, there was a nice documentary on the song on Radio2 with Guy Garvey. With my inherent fear of X-Factor winners, I didn't want to test my theory on Alexandra Burke.

However, it was played when I was getting changed in swimming pool this week, therefore couldn't really run out screaming. And, the theory has been proved - it's not a bad song. It starts properly. Strong singer, simplistic harmony. Then it builds - good effect, and I think the song deserves it.

Then, just after 2 minutes, something happens. It twists after a random instrumental. And she starts warbling. And I don't like it.

She doesn't destroy the song. And, as I've just proved by finding the youtube so I can write about it, I can listen to it again. But, it's not the ultimate version (as considered by many, myself included). Which still stands an outside chance of getting the Christmas top spot. Therefore, I'm going to make it a TOTW. Because I can...

Talking about talent show winners, Geraldine's back. With money going to the NSPCC, Peter Kay is telling us all about Once upon a Christmas Song. I am a big fan of Peter Kay, and I like the lyrics commenting on the songs of Christmas past - and that every year we (come on, admit in) sing All I want for Christmas whilst drunk at the office party. And, it's a bouncy little catchy tune. But, musically, it is a bit cack. And I'm afraid it doesn't inspire me to rush out and give money to charity. Pity that.

And, people are still releasing Christmas songs. I mentioned a few last week - but surprisingly haven't heard of them this week to refer to them again. Instead, I'm mentioned one that I've seen on an advert. Not that that limits it....

With those brass tunes, you're left wondering if Mark Ronson had a hand in the production values, but Warm This Winter by Gabriella Cilmi would be a good tune regardless of the time of the year. I particularly love the effect generated by the a capella "Wa-a-arm". It's got a bit of kick with it, without being killed by a complete excess of sleigh bells as many "Christmas" songs are. Christmas tunes are never number 1 any more - but this is probably the best of the set out this year.

PS> Since writing the above, I've heard another alternative version of Hallelujah - which I find someone has already uploaded onto youtube. Mitch Benn, a regular favourite of mine, hits the nail completely on the head as ever - so I think three video are required this week, even though this one in itself won't be charting.

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