Saturday, 4 July 2009

June Last Chance: Bat for Lashes

I've been able to have quite a selection of tracks shortlisted last month - lots very good and potentially worthy of particular praise. The shorter-shortlist for last chance included Jarvis Cocker, with a particularly retro track; and Dan Black, who hasn't been mentioned for a while, and even though Symphonies does sound a bit like Umbrella -[ella - ella], it's slightly anthemic chorus and ambitious lyrics make it a definite hit.

But, after some thought, Bat for Lashes get the last chance. They've got a fairly unusual genre, that reminds of some early 90s bands - electronic, quasi-dance, but serene and calming. It's music that you can listen to, but you don't need to - it can happen in the background and embed into your subconcious. The latter fact probably explains why it wasn't a TOTW - it was never at the forefront of my conciousness; but with counter-melodies and beautiful singing, it was always worth it.

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