Monday, 6 July 2009

Unsung: ila'a'noiZe

Winston mentioned this band some time ago, but I'm still miles behind and have only just got listening to them.

ila'a'noiZe (say that when you've had a few) are, in many ways, a standard indie band. Guitar led, the local twang coming through the lyrcis (singing in an accent still being popular). They've got the standard 'slow number' (Neverland); the standard rockier one with a dance beat (OBS) - we've probably heard all the same before.

And that sounds derogatory. But, it's still a format that works. Just a hint of creativity to be subtly different, and providing it's well sung and well written - just like ila'a'noiZe - it's enjoyable club music. The acid test for this sort of music is if, at a dark and dingy venue, you'd find yourself toe-tapping or bouncing around like a crazed idiot or somewhere between the two (depending on your inhibitions). You may not want to buy an album, but they're just there to let you have a good night.

The test is passed. Therefore, have a listen, and see what you think.

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