Saturday, 11 July 2009

TOTW28: La Roux - Bulletproof

Couple of thoughts for the week include Lady GaGa's Papparazzi and Paloma Faith's Stone Cold Sober; plus an honorable mention for the Arctic Monkeys.

Their brand spanking new album "Humbug" is out at the end of August, and Crying Lightning is already available for download as the first single before it's physical release just before the album. I've only heard it the once (well, twice, I'm playing that video as playing this), and haven't been immediately taken by it. Mind you, I'm confident I'm going to hear it a lot before it's proper release, so I'll reserve full judgement for a short while.

TOTW then is this little number:
Bulletproof is frantic, unusual, and with a distinctive and memorable chorus. The sort of song that goes just a well on the beach this summer (hey, I'm optimistic) as in a club or a trendy wine bar. And one that you can be singing for a while. Hall marks of a good pop song (as in popular music, not McFly!)

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