Thursday, 1 October 2009

In concert: First Aid Kit & Fanfarlo

When I first mentioned Fanfarlo in TOTW, I said there was more to follow. Where it followed was up in Glasgow at the world famous King Tutts, as I've been missing decent gigs for a while.

Somewhat unusually, it was actually a joint-headline gig with former TOTWers First Aid Kit.

But first of all, as ever, was the support act. Woodenbox are a local band, as is de rigeur, and as support bands often are were really really impressive. I'm trying to remember where I've heard the name from in the past, but either way the set was dynamic, and creative. A truly live experience with what I would call 'proper' instruments (ie saxophone and trumpet, not just the standard guitar + drums). Some would say that purpose of warm-up acts is to, erm, warm-up the crowd - and they managed this perfectly, with the right amount of energy to get things going without wearing things out.

First Aid Kit then took over the baton with a complete change. Close-knit harmonies with limited accompaniment showed the true vocal talents of both Klara and Johanna. Stand out track for me was the emotive cover of Universal Soldier, which is even more moving in the live. Hard Believer is the new single out on Monday, and is definitely a bit more energetic and different - I personally loved the anticipatory modulation (Can you tell I did music at school?) of the line "Love is ro-ugh" that they sang on the stage. The one flaw with the band is that you really have to be in the right sort of mood to enjoy the music in any length - and they may not be, for me at least, an "album buy" when it's out in January - but as background music and to show the talent in a live band, you can't go far wrong.

Back to Fanfarlo then, and as instrument after instrument appeared on the stage it became obvious that the band were going to be a bit nearer to The Arcade Fire than I previously thought, to be proved as the music started. Harold T Wilkins proves the similarities - as does seeing the band in action. It almost proved to be a logistical nightmare as it seemed between every song there was a mass movement to get into the right position to play yet another different instrument. Several I still have no idea what they actually were. To some extent they managed a mixed set on their own - from the gentle simple openings  to the fast paced Luna nothing seemed too much of a challenge to show the flair and talent.

I can't finish without commenting on the encore though, as First Aid Kit and Fanfarlo joined to perform This is the Way - first performed when the bands met up at the Field Day Festival. As it was really a joint headline, there's only one video I can finish wish - hope you enjoy at least as half as much as I enjoyed the diversity and flair that the gig as a whole had to offer.

Fanfarlo & First Aid Kit - This Is The Way (Devendra Banhart)

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Asp did you go with any cool friends and if so did they meet any celebrities??