Saturday, 17 October 2009

TOTW42: Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Bapa

Nerina Pallot - Real Life Starter

It starts a bit Kate Nash, but it develops into a real bouncy tune with a catchy chorus, and easily enjoyable.

Spandau Ballet - Once More

Argh! Another comeback band! Sounds like a cross between Take That and a film tune. That said, it isn't actually that bad.

Lisa Hannigan - Lille

Re-release, but a nice gentile number for a Sunday morning.

Michael Jackson - This is It

I'm not a fan of posthumous releases - if it was good enough to be a single, why wasn't it released at the time? Stinks a bit of voyeurism. However, This is It is definitely a good song, and Jackson at his best.

Vampire Weekend - Horchata

Only thing to say is that I'm already looking forward to the album!

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu — Bapa

Simple. Serene. Emotive. Obviously, I had not idea what the lyrics were referring to the first few times I heard this song, but notwithstanding that it's impossible not to be moved by it all. The song has actually been around for a while, and in the UK available for download since June, but physically released only on the 12th October. Amazing from someone who is said to be extremely shy, born blind and living without any modern aids that are available to him.

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