Saturday, 10 October 2009

In Concert: The Proclaimers

The last time I was at The Sands Centre for a concert, I did point out that I didn't view it as a perfect venue. Last night for The Proclaimers, it was proved even more with the lights often coming on a split second too late and far too many episodes of feedback for professional concert.

Miles Hunt (out of off of the Wonderstuff) was support, and sadly not as inspiring as hoped. Most of the songs were nice, but nothing more. I commented at the time that it would be a great soundtrack to a film, but not as gig music. Thankfully, ending with Size of a cow ensured that things weren't a complete damp squib.

As towards the headliners, overall it was a really good set. Inevitably, a lot of the songs I didn't recognise, and got the feeling that I wasn't the only one. Never-the-less, Love can move mountains (which I'm sure must have been a TOTW shortlist when it was released recently, but can't find it) was a particular favourite, and proof that the twins still have the ability to write good tunes.

The last 30 minutes however were an absolutely brilliant finale. Sunshine on Leith in its live form is truly emotive, and the other old favourites like I'm on my way and (of course) I'm Gonna be (500 miles) really got the crowd going - and the two First Aiders in the pit (it's a wonder they ever let me out).

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