Saturday, 4 October 2008

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Tunes of the Week 2008 - #40

I'm in quite an unusual position this week. I've been listening to the radio, as ever, and I've heard some great songs. But nothing has sprung up to me as "Wow". And I've not been making a shortlist as I go along.

So, I'm left looking at the playlists to see what I recognise.

Move (13 Oct) by Brazilian electro-pop group CSS is one that immediately spotted by name alone. It's bouncy and distinctive, with well sung and clear lyrics.

Sounding quite similar to TOTW33 Spiralling, Keane have another new single out. The thing is, The Lovers are Losing (20 Oct) is still distinctly different. It's definitely from the same album, with this new sound for Keane, and I think it's good for it.

I'm glad I like Talons (20 Oct) by Bloc Party. I didn't really like Mercury, so it's good to see that it's just going to be the odd song and not an entire album.

Totally different - He Doesn't know why (20 Oct). Seattle based Fleet Foxes are creators of relaxing music, and the new single is no exception. It's not get-up-and-go, but it's what you need on a lazy afternoon after getting in from work.

Whilst we're in a lazy mood, Sia sounds very much like Norah Jones. But that's not a bad thing. Soon we'll be found (13 Oct) does showcase the Australian's talents well. Could it be a break through track for her in the UK? Possibly...

For all I say about covers, it's wrong that Girls (6 Oct) is very catchy. But it is. It's different to the original, and it's obvious to all which one I still prefer, but it's not as suicidally-bad as some attempts at covers I've heard.

There were other songs on the shortlists I know I like, but can't recall hearing them this week, so can't really include them. Sorry then to MGMT/Kids (13 Oct) and Noah and the Whale/Shape of my heart (20 Oct - another re-release - ARGH!).

So, with that in mind, which two would I rate most and show videos of? I think these:

Admin note: Apologies for the lack of unsung this week, I started something but unfortunately ran out of time. Normal blogging service should now be resumed, plus at least one special feature over the next week.

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