Sunday, 19 October 2008

From the Island

I'm beginning to struggle more and more with finding TOTWs now I'm doing the 9-5. I used to be able to listen to various radio stations on an almost 9-5 basis. However now, I'm limited to the evenings when I'm in; or in the car on the way back from somewhere. I don't even listen to the radio on the way to work, as I walk.

For instance, I've not heard Another Way to Die on the radio yet. The new Bond theme is on the playlist, I've just never caught it. Which isn't a bad thing, because on the few listens from the internet I've indulged in, I've not been impressed. It might make an impact in due course, but not yet.

That's the other thing - one play during the week won't really make something a TOTW. It needs that extra longevity to appeal for an entire week. That's why MGMT Kids and Killers Human still aren't selected this week. Still, they're still in there for a Last Change if nothing else.

That leaves me, strangely, with two tracks from the same label - Island Records.

I think I've only heard Wendy by Attic Lights on RadMac. As such, I'm a bit behind with it - the CD was released on 6th October. It's a nice anthemic tune, easy to imagine a huge crowd at a festival singing along with the chorus. Which is probably why it's made enough of an impact to become a TOTW. Official video can't be embedded, so here's an acoustic version:

Keane are definitely one of the big names on the label, and I've previously talked about their 'new sound' with "Perfect Symmetry". Lovers are Losing, released tomorrow, is their second single from the album - and as Chart Blog states, it's nearer familiar territory. However, I'm definitely going to settle for 'nearer'. It's not a horrible mish-mash of "trying to be different yet the same" - it's still a very enjoyable song. It's understandable that the band need to ensure their loyal fans aren't driven away, so they can't be blamed for more traditional output. It's often a very fine balancing act - and I think they've just about managed it. (Again, official video is protected, so here's a Fan-made recording of a live performance at the Q Awards)

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