Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Let Life Love

Three key words start with the letter "L", and are often used in song titles. So, no shock that they form the basis of this week's alphabetising. And I was definitely spoilt for choice.

Plenty of other suggestions could have been made - but I particularly wanted to throw in Life in a Northern Town for obvious reasons, and The Living Years because it's one of the emotional songs I know of. Love is all around is also worth a mention - everyone knows the 15-week-at-number-1 Wet Wet Wet version, so it's easy to forget that Reg Presley wrote it for The Troggs back in 1967. Could it be the most successful cover ever?

Other "L"s added in include, perhaps with a bit of surprise, Lord Anthony. I am not shameful to say that I'm a huge Belle & Sebastian fan, and I think this song is one of their best - which is going some. Again, really emotional.

To counteract all the emotion though, finish with a bit of comedy. Enjoy the playlist.

The Letter L

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