Sunday, 26 October 2008

Killer creatures come with talons

No surprises:

There's only a select number of artists for whom I own every album (not counting those who've only released 1 album, that doesn't really count). One of them is The Killers.

So, I was always going to be looking forward to 'Day and Age' (and will be heading towards a suitable record shop on release). And, from the first listen, I liked Human. It's had a few poor reviews, and a bit of bad press. I've heard it compared to Chris de Burgh even, which is problematic. Personally, I actually think the opening bars are a bit Daft Punk esque. Either way, I like it, and it's a very worthy TOTW.

I also like Talons (20th Oct). When I first touched on it a few weeks back, I said how I much preferred it that song about liquid metal. This has got much more of a tune, with the dramatic tones we've come to expect from the band. More faithful to their original output? Probably, but that's what I like. What's strangest of all is that it's not an album track. It was recorded at the same time, and was so good they decided to release it as a single. I, for one, am glad.

2 Honourable mentions this week, surprisingly similar in more ways that one. Bathroom Gurgle (Late of the Pier - 27th Oct), was first released on 10th September 2007 on the Moshi Moshi label. Paris (Friendly Fires - 6th Oct), was first released on 10th December 2007 on the Moshi Moshi label.

Both bands have since changed label (to Parlaphone and XLRecordings respectively), and both bands are of that modern electronica genre that's now appearing. Unfortunately, as they're both re-releases, they lose some brownie points - but it doesn't stop them being good songs.

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