Saturday, 11 October 2008

More of the same

Strangely, there's nothing 'new' this week. All the tunes I've heard and enjoyed I've mentioned before in some way shape or form.

Well, not quite all.

The Killers are back. A band I have great respect for. I first heard Human on Round Table the other week, where it got luke-warm reviews at best. Personally, listening to it again now, I still have to say I like it - but I just like their sound. The album's due out on 24 November (so, potential Christmas present there, take note ;) ), but I've not heard the song since on the radio. Therefore it's not a TOTW. Don't expect it to last though.

I'm also going to be daring and mention Love you anyway (29 Sept) for a first time. It has actually been in on the periphery of a mention for a few weeks. It's the sort of soul song that I love. But, it's not been mentioned for one real reason. Listening to the song for the first time, you wouldn't know - but it's by Boyzone. It's not the style of song they released time after time 10 years ago. It's not a cushy ballad. Maybe that makes it acceptable to like it.

So, that leaves some regulars to return. In two cases, literally. Regular readers will know that I hate re-releases. But, I think that both Paper Planes by M.I.A.(13 Oct - originally downloadable in February) and Shape of my heart by Noah and the Whale (20 Oct - originally released in May) are songs that are due a better attention. Noah and the Whale have, of course, had success in the interim with the Laura Marling effect in 5 years time, so it's only natural to bring the other good single they have back. Yeah, the other good single - after Delamere I remain to be convinced they have anything other than these 2, but if their fame continues, maybe the other songs will grow.

(For some reason, the new video can't be embedded - but the old one can - so here you go)
Honourable mentions once again to MGMT - Kids (13 Oct) and Keane - The lovers are losing (20 Oct), but it's Union City Blues that's been really impressing this week.
OK, obviously it isn't Blondie, but Be The One (13 Oct) by The Ting Tings really does remind me of it. That, and a bit of it That's not my name-esque counter melody at the end. I think it's enough to make the group not just a one hit wonder, and whilst I don't think it's quite as good as their break-through hit, it's still good.

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