Wednesday, 28 January 2009

More things to see

My last unsung was looking at some up-and-coming acts in my local area.

Well, the gig lists have been extended since then, so I'm just going to do exactly the same thing this time!

Starting with band of the movement Joy Formidable. I've not mentioned them yet, although I'm not entirely sure how I've not. Thankfully, Winston has. With a track that's been used for a TV trailers (Austere, and Skins); and praise from NME and the Guardian; they're already making waves. A very many people are tipping them to be big. I'd be a fool not to try and get to see them whilst they're still just on that side of "lowkey".

David Ford is nice and folkily acoustic and could be watchable, but talking about folk...

It should come as no surprise to people that read my main blog that I like The Lancashire Hotpots. Similar to the Houghton Weavers (who I've seen live before, at a National Caravan Club rally. Don't ask) - but with more modern references. I've heard the occasional song in the past, and immediately fell in love. Very homely tones for an East Lancashire lad like meself (and I can hear me tekkin' in a more Lancastrian drawl as I write this), and very funny. A definite event.

One extra mention though, who I don't expect to be seeing anytime soon (but we'll see), but after hearing Sea Sore on Tom Robinson's Introducing podcast, have decided to listen a bit more. Convoi Exceptionnel are not French - they're Welsh. As far as I know, neither member of the group are still based in the "mean streets of Aber", and they even live at separate ends of the county - but still are producing great tracks. And listening to the other tracks that are streamable, I do mean great. I don't like rap (as a rule), and I can't speak Welsh (there's a great story about when I decided to try and pronounce a Welsh street name correctly when buying a property there. The telephonist at the sellers' solicitors burst into hysterics at my brave attempt when I was asked what I was calling about), but it's unusual, thus appealing. Yes, it's rap - but there's 'proper' music involved too. From Beat on the Deli its clear they're not fans of 'popular' rap either. And their cover of Paper Planes is intelligent and amusing in equal measure!


Anonymous said...

Hi from denmark! i came to your blog and i really like this music you write about! Joy formidable are already one of my fav bands, and the welsh band convoi exceptionnel ive been watching their music video as i study film and its v good to see it is for the track you write about beats on the deli. I also love the MIA cover and I love all the other songs - want moreeee. Great songs for everyone! keep up the blog!! i will get a account so i can post too v v soon.

by by,

Lene Nygaard

Asp said...

Hi Lene,

Thanks for you comments - and I'm sure Glyn and Gunslinger will be glad to hear they've got foreign fans too (well, I suppose I'm foreign too, but at least we share a passport).

I've already had a few e-mails about bands for the next Unsung, so hopefully you'll find something else you'll like in a week or so's time :)