Sunday, 25 January 2009


Two songs this week that have got the "most heard" award - and are both good songs deserving of a mention. Morrissey I mentioned last week with I'm throwing my arms around Paris (9 Feb), so haven't much to add - but for some reason I've not yet mentioned Life in Technicolor ii (2 Feb)

From the Prospekts March EP instead of the highly popular Viva La Vida album, it's still definitely got the same style of the most recent output I've been surprised to be enjoying.

Another duo have been battling for the "new and unusual award". Everyone knows by now that I like Vampire Weekend, and that therefore includes Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, including the line "Feel so unnatural // Peter Gabriel too". Who better to sing that song than Peter Gabriel himself, out of off of Genesis? So, together with Hot Chip, that's what he's done. It's a completely unexpected interpretation, and whilst it was expected to be on a b-side for the Vampire Weekend single it never was. It'll probably never feature on its own, but is still worth a mention so here's as good a place as any. Although I don't like the dolphin-esque wailing in the chorus...

Another one that I'm not expecting to make much impression on the charts is People by Barry Adamson. Adamson is perhaps better known as a backing musician (Magazine, Nick Cave, and more), but this song is wonderful. Soothing, meaningful, ideal after a hard day at work.

There was a very obvious choice for TOTW this week after hearing it a few times on the radio. I've said in my album review that I love Spaceman (9 Feb) by the Killers, and stand by that theory. Ordinarily, it would have been an easy TOTW.

However, on Thursday I heard a song that I shouldn't like, as Miranda Sawyer brought it in as her "Show & Tell" on RadMac. I've only heard it once since, but think it's brilliant. The lyrics are insightful, intelligent, and witty. It's rap, so I shouldn't like it, but Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip have really appealed with Thou Shalt Always Kill (De La Soul Mix) (26 Jan). I see that there was an original version about twelve months ago, but I'm going to look at this new version as that's what's released tomorrow. Favourite lines include "Thou shalt not lie anyone under 6, unless it's concerning major holidays" and "Thou shalt not think that having a blog makes you a journalist". Your favourite music journo, signing out.... LOL

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