Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Something to see?

Well, after my failed attempt to go and see The Bees (gig cancelled), I've been working on decided when my first gig of 2009 should be.

The ideal starting point is the website of my local "indie" venue. See who's coming up, and have a listen to some myspaces for the up-and-coming talent.

Skipping quickly over All Hail the thief - clearly not my cup of tea after 2 notes; and Haunts because I'm not free that day anyway (which is a shame, some of the teasers are a bit tempting), I find myself listening to Falling Red.

First indications from reading about them were a bit concerning. Rock. Listening though, it's not too heavy, not too grungy (is that still a word?) and has some definite charms. I still don't really know what I'm looking for in this style of music though, and whilst I've not disliked it, I certainly wouldn't go and spend money to go and see them -it's just not me.(1)

Later on in the February, The Talks are due to make an appearance. "Reggae / Indie / Punk" is what their myspace says - and there is definitely a bit of each involved. SOme songs (Picture This) are pure guitar based indie, where as Stay Away clearly has that Reggae they refer to. There's something reassuringly familiar about many of their songs, so expect a visit.

And then in March, we have The Whiskycats. They've featured on Tom Robinson's introducing show, and I think I can recall hearing that in the past (And even if not, it's a good indicator). I absolutely love Slipped Disco, particularly when I want to start throwing plates on the floor like a tourist-inducing greek restaurant owner. They list themselves as Jazz - and to an extent it is, Contradictions could easily be a funkier Jamie Cullum number. But it's just a really unique sound. Bouncy, enjoyable, and I'm sure it'll sound great. The date is pencilled in my diary ready to sort nearer the time...

PS> Since picking the acts to feature on this Unsung, the programme online has been padded out a bit, so there's some bands I have mentioned. Don't worry - I will listen, may mentioned in the future, and may attend the gig.

(1) - Of course, if anyone wants to provide me with a ticket, because it sounds much better live, I'll reconsider....

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