Friday, 15 May 2009

Nice idea

Launch, as your first single, an effective AA side. With the same song. But different.

I'm explaining it badly, as ever, so instead I'll demonstrate by way of example. Dressed in Dresden and Undressed in Dresden, the "heavier dub-lined" re-working of the former. It's what The Hundred in the Hands have done, and it's very impressive.

You wouldn't actually tell, first off, that they're the same song. Dressed in Dresden is a fast beated but slow paced guitar heavy quasi-electronic number with a repetitive yet catchy female lead vocal. Undressed in Dresden have got a different brass rhythm continuo, and a futuristic electronica element. But, it's that same female lead vocal.

If they're a band to look out for in the future is impossible to tell from just one (set of) song(s). But, I like what I hear - so there's definitely an "eye open" opportunity there.

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