Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Unsung: Blabbermouth

I first heard Blabbermouth on Tom Robinson's Introducing show, with the truly brilliant song Domestic Bliss. Unfortunately, as I'm behind with these reviews, it's no longer available on his myspace, but there's plenty of cracking songs that are. Even if they're not quite as murderous and love-struck as with the line "This is Domestic Bliss / Ain't ever ever felt like this / You seem to have unlimited cash / Since your wife died that in crash". And there's still a video for it:

Just a unique twist and choice of lyrics is immediately catching, together with a wonderful tune - how often do you hear a banjo nowadays? It is folk music, but really not as you know it Jim, and very enjoyable.

The current myspace tracklisting is completely diverse. Amnesia and the slightly morbid 4ft Death (is the Grim Reaper really that small?) is in a similar style to Domestic Bliss, but then you have My Time Machine which is - appropriately enough given the title - futuristic sounding. Nothin in my pocket reminds me of early 90s pop with the "talking lyrics". I could go on, but you can see the pattern - it shows great diversity from a single artist.

Worth a listen.

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