Monday, 4 May 2009

TOTW18: Jason Mraz - Make It Mine

As it's a bank holiday, today still classes as "weekend". And, whilst I've been away, there's been a selection of tunes that have been coming to my attention - and I keep forgetting to mention.

Bubbling under are Yusuf Thinking 'bout you, Empire of the Sun We are the people, Madness Dust Devil, Calvin Harris I'm Not Alone and Honey Ryder Choices.

Ultimately though, a difficult decision between two tracks.

I only listened to the lyrics of Lily Allen's Not Fair this morning. Before then, I just thought it was a great quirky country number. It's almost cheeze, well, it has to be with the banjo accompaniment and solos. Thing is with the lyrics, it's, well, Lily Allen. Songs have been banned from the BBC for suggesting less than that. Which in my eyes makes it even better - a complete juxtaposition between lyrics and music, and I'm sure it was intended.

But, it's not TOTW. Because I've been meaning to mention Jason Mraz Make It Mine for ages, and never got round to it. When I first heard it, I was entirely sure how it was by. The opening lines remind me of Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian), and there's other bits in there which are very B&S-esque, which probably explains why I like it. But the chorus is a bit too bouncy, so I knew it wasn't. And the Coda definitely isn't B&S.

Overall though, it's a great "feel good" tune for the summer. Really enthusiatic pop, and easy to accompany the good weather we've had over the weekend.

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