Thursday, 21 May 2009

Warning - features nudity

That's got you all interested, hasn't it?

Well, for once, I'm not actually telling porkies. Allow me to present Mel & Kim.

Sorry, I got that very wrong. I mean Matt & Kim. (I bet that's never been done before - worse than Rickrolling surely?)

Lessons Learned is going to be released over here in the UK on 1st June, and the video (perhaps unsurprisingly) has caused a bit of a stir stateside when it was premiered late last month. Them Yanks are easily offended really...

Personally, I've never heard of Matt and Kim before. They are a respected indie band in the US, but haven't yet broken the British market. "Grand" is their new album though (released in January on the other side of the pond),  and they will be heading around these fair shores to promote the said same in the not-so-distant future.

Listening to the obligatory myspace, I see no reason why it won't be successful. Their live shows appear to have a real reputation for craziness (now matched in the videos), and the music fits nicely between the indie and punk genres to appeal to a wide set of fans. I expect their presence to be heard on playlists before too long, which may just give them to power to become "known" over here.

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