Friday, 29 August 2008

David Byrne & Brian Eno: Everything that happens will happen today

Fresh from downloading Strange Overtones, the 30-years in the making (well, not necessarily making, but definitely waiting) Byrne/Eno collaboration is (just like The Verve's "Forth" was) streaming on their website (and below if you don't feel that clicking away).

So, as I asked last time - has listening to the entire album encouraged me to go and buy a CD of it?

Surprisingly, no. The album is a good listen. But that's really it for me, listen in the singular. There's some tracks I could listen to time and time again - One Fine Day is nice and soothing. But immediately after that you've got Poor Boy - which is clearly meant to be modern, yet to me sounds like two tunes stuck together with a bit of superglue instead of a cleverly mixed piece of work.

I think it's just that there's some tunes that sound right, and fit Byrne's voice perfectly - Home and the country-esque My Big Nurse. There's even a stand out track - Life is Long has a slightly anthemic edge to it.

But there's too many tracks that I don't like, that I can't find a tune in, to make the album a real must have in my eyes - I Feel my stuff is 20th Century classical music in the piano part. Ie - play some notes and someone will think there's something there, but I can't.

It could be a grower, and due to time constraints before my enforced internet absence I've only listened to it in full once. I will listen to it again, and might like it more then. I also think that my review doesn't really paint a true picture - it's definitely a good album. I just wouldn't rush out to buy it after 1 listen, which surely is the mark of an exceptional record, which is probably more what I was expecting from the partnership.

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