Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The problem with listening to music is that you normally don't have the lyrics infront of you. And the singers are concentrating on the music - not always the lyrics. Thus, we have the perennial problem of "misheard lyrics", or Mondegreens as I've recently learnt they should be called.

youtube is full of videos demonstrating the misheard lyrics. And, just last week, there was a survey about the most common mondegreens. The Police won that one, with "You make the best homemade stew around" in When the world is Running Down.

So, whilst I'm without internet access, something to keep you amused - what's your greatest misheard lyrics? Either that you've heard, or that people have told you about.

One of my favourites is "Totally pissed as a fart" - I'm sure there's better out there though, so over to you....

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