Sunday, 3 August 2008

Last Chance Saloon

I'm going to start giving the monthly "last chance" it's own separate post. Partly because it keeps posts to a more manageable length; and also for reasons that will become apparent next month. But also because I forgot to include it earlier - hey, honesty for you at least.

It's fair to say that the summer quiet spell with many artists off on the festival circuit has perhaps hurt the number of tracks in consideration. Add the fact that there's some tracks that have been on the TOTW shortlist that I wouldn't have mentioned myself. Madonna for instance.

However, I was glad when Hazard mention The Ting Tings Shut up and let me go. I heard it a few times before my own vacation; and several times over there - but I think the 'stand-in' was bang on the money saying that's it's no That's not my name. I don't not like it - but it is a bit bland and repetitive, and not as in your face as some other tracks. So, it's not the last chance-ee.

I end up, perhaps predictably but with no insult toward Hazard's selections (except maybe the Madonna one), going back to the beginning of the month and one of my picks.  Mainly because of all the songs, it's instantly memorable. Actually, the video is instantly memorable - but it's a brilliant song and probably could have been TOTW back then if it wasn't for me not wanting to feature Dizzee Rascal twice on the trot. But, featuring David Byrne, and the talent in BPA "raw", I think it's forgivable. Here's Toe Jam then.

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