Sunday, 24 August 2008

What do you do at the weekend?

Tunes of the Week #34

When I started with TOTW a significant number of months ago, it was less a look at singles around and about, but more the tunes that were stuck in my head. They might not necessarily have been good songs, but they were sticky - and I spent far too long in the course of the week singing the tune. Thankfully, Sandi Thom's Saturday Night(Aug 25th) is not just so sticky I've been bopping around cleaning cars and unpacking boxes whilst whistling. It's a genuinely good song as well

I like carrying on themes, even if they are pretty crap. Still, after my recent comment discussions about Queen, I think it's fair enough to return to them as C-lebrity is getting airplay, the new song from the collaboration with Paul Rodgers - to be released on 8th September. It's unmistakably Queen. There's even the classic Brian may guitar solo. However - and I suppose it was inevitable this was going to be the case - there's something missing. Queen without Freddie Mercury is a bit like Laurel without Hardy. France without onions. Chips without gravy (hey, I'm from Lancashire). They're fine on their own - but not quite the same. It's still a great song. And Paul Rodgers is a fine singer, and carries the tune well. Yet, I'm still left thinking "Well, what would it be like if Freddie had been singing it?"
10,000 nights is in my hearing at the minute, because the Beeb are using it in "The Games today" on their Olympic coverage. But that's not Alphabeat's latest single - on the 25th their releasing Boyfriend. What is it about the Scandanavians that means they release such catchy music? I feel like I should be ashamed saying I like it, it's the sort of thing I'd have danced to when I was 6. Just try not tapping your foot along to it though!
It's another dreaded re-release. Still, Glasvegas has come on leaps and bounds since releasing Daddy's Gone first time round, so it's understandable that it's coming back on Monday. Surprisingly, I've heard it on the radio on less occasions than last year - which I can't figure out at all, and means it's not really 'implanted', whilst still being a brilliant song.
Couple of 'smoothies': Colbie Caillat's father (Ken Caillat) is a producer. You might have heard some of the albums he co-produced, "Rumours" perhaps? Growing up in the presence of Mick Fleetwood is a great start in life for anyone, so it's no surprise to see her first single Bubbly (Sept 8th) being so enjoyable. As I often say, it's that music that can't offend.
Similarly, I don't think In My Arms (Aug 18th) is the sort of anyone can really hate. Another off-spring of musical fame (Richard & Linda), Teddy Thompson hasn't had the commercial success you might have imagined. But, with this single sitting on the Radio2 playlist, a video cameo by Rufus Wainwright, and country music going through one of its more popular phases - perhaps this could be the big break?
Talking about country, is it wrong to still be liking Glenn Campbell's cover of Good Riddance?
Moving a bit more modern though, David Holmes I heard wonders (Aug 25th). The Daily Music Guide describes it as a "wonderful listen, [but] it doesn't scream 'play me again!'", which I think is a perfect analysis.
Jump in the Pool (Sept 1st) is nothing to do with Tom Daley, instead it's the new single by Friendly Fires (which is turn is nothing to do with Olympic Flame). Distinctly different to Sandi Thom, and probably not quite as "sing along" - but this semi-electronic style of music (cf. Late of the Pier, and probably also the Klaxons in a round about way) is definitely appealing to me.

The advantage of a Sunday TOTW (it's still weekend, so totally valid) is occasionally you hear an extra track to mention. And in the last 24 hours I've heard the new single from Ben Foulds twice. You don't know me features Regina Spektor and is released on the 22nd September. It's good, definitely, and I'm sure we're going to hear a lot of it in future weeks, and future mentions here are almost guaranteed.

I'd say guaranteed next week - but I'm not here again. Unfortunately, I'm starting a new job, so am moving house - and therefore won't have internet immediately. At time of writing, I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but something will appear, I'm confident in that much...

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