Wednesday, 13 August 2008

G is for go...

The Letter G

Some obvious choices to be fair, but starting with a couple of relatively modern ones. When looking at the 'archives', I'm mindful of those that have 'stood the test of time'. Meaning I often end up looking at the 60s - if they've lasted 40 years, all is good. But whilst Go West and Girls & Boys are both from the 90s - they're both instantly recallable at this stage (even if Go West is technically a 1979 cover - it's the most popular version) 15 years later on.

As regards The Beach Boys, proof as if it were needed as to the huge number of hit songs - I could have chosen God only knows or Good to my baby. I had to pick one though...

I do have my favourite "G" though - and again it's probably the most popular version of a cover. The thing is, everyone knows Ray Charles' version of the Gorrell / Carmichael penned song more than any others, and he made it his own against racial tension and political problems.

Oh, and we end with some cheese. I apologise.

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