Sunday, 31 August 2008

TOTW - 31st August

Just when you thought it was safe to visit the blog again - he's back! Madder, and with even worse jokes than last time!


Mr Asp has kindly sent me a long shortlist of songs to get through for TOTW, and after a myriad of problems posting this, I think it's about time I got on with it.

On the list were a few songs I didn't like. For a start, although I have enjoyed Franz Ferdinand's previous offerings, I wasn't so keen on Lucid Dreams. Although it keeps the distinctive FF style, it just seems a bit lacking compared to their previous work. You never know though, it's quite catchy so maybe it's a grower.
Secondly, Bloc Party's latest offering, Mercury I didn't like, although I did enjoy their previous single Flux.  To me it seems much more disjointed and difficult to listen to. And the video is just weird, even by Bloc Party's standards. 

Now, for the middling ones. I've never really been one for the Coral's occasionally eclectic style of music, but Being Somebody Else isn't half bad. Nice bit of chill out  guitar music. Ignore the slightly strange retro video mind. Similarly, [and this is one from my list, not Asp's] The Automatic's latest offering Steve McQueen isn't all that bad, but it's not great either. At least they've lost the annoying yappy chap. McFly's Lies also isn't all that bad [avoid the dodgy "Mad Max*" inspired video though], but at the same time it's just a bit ... um ... well it's like that kind of music which teenage girls go and scream along to, boy bandish with a bit of rock in it ...oh...typical McFly then.

Does it offend you, yeah? [seriously, who thought that up for a band name??] turns up with yet another new twist on the electro-rock theme. It's not actually all that bad, and one of the few tracks I've heard recently with the apparent inclusion of a mandolin. Tune of the week though? errm...  

I did enjoy Royworld's Brakes. Curiously, it's not that disimilar to Turin Brakes and their laid back approach to a rocky, poppy, style. I think it could become rather popular soon, Why not check it out for yourself?

One to keep an eye on there I thinkies. 

Another one to definately listen to is Ladyhawke's "from dusk to dawn". It's very catchy, well produced, and almost nothing like Ladytron at all. Well ok, just a little bit. Tron - Hawke, who cares? It certainly reminds me of something, but I can't think quite what. Oh and watch out for the strange video - I'm sure Max Headroom turns up at one point. Ignore the vid, and just have a couple of minutes dancing around to the catchiness! 

By the way, if you want the better quality, you'll have to go to youtube and search for the one uploaded by the record label, who stopped people embedding it.  What do you want Island? Viral marketing or not!?

I think that's quite enough of me waffling for now. I await all the e-mails saying how rubbish I was. Untill then, toodles!


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