Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bruised by a pirate

TOTW 2008 - #48

So, as we rush headlong towards the final month of year, hints of the Christmas record market are appearing.

However, enough of Terry Wogan and Aled Jones (which I'm sure most people will agree is much better than whoever wins the X-Factor), so here's Pete and the Pirates. No Somalian reference required.

OK, so it's not a video, or even a full clip - but Lammo's band of the moment are back on form with Jennifer (15 Dec). Catchy chorus, sing along melody - it's guitary indie stuff, but different enough. It stands no chance of being number 1 on the 25th - but so what? I love it too.

In the past, I've been dismissive of Jools Holland. He's got a new album out, and once again it's him playing Honky Tonk with people trying to sing over the top of him. But, I still like The Informer with Ruby Turner. It's meant to be a jazzy tune - so the Rhythm and Blues orchestra are right at home. The album's out now - and I'm sure for some it's a definite stocking filler.

Another honourable mentions is due to The Futureheads - I Wouldn't Be Like This if you were here (7 Dec) finally getting into my subconcious, with an almost punk take on the tune.

But, as I need a new mp3 player (thinking of combining it with a new phone - suggestions welcome), I'm drawn back to this:

Whilst I don't want an ipod, the tunes on the adverts are always pretty good. It's bouncy, yet mellow. It's unusual, yet simple. It's a strange crossmatch when you think about it, there's not much too it - but it's really enjoyable. Which is all we really need.


The STIG said...

You want a combination mp3 player and phone? Get an iPhone. They're fantastic!

Asp said...

Yeah, but:
a) I want to stay on PAYG, as I don't have enough friends to justify a contract
b) I don't need it to be so all-singing all-dancing with web functionality and the like. I have a laptop for that.