Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kids of Today

An interesting side affect of now wokring for a living is the fewer "honourable mentions" per week.
Which, obviously, means a smaller 'shortlist' for the last chance - particularly as some mentions later become TOTW. This is what's left:

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle
Friendly Fires - Paris
White/Keys - Another way to die
MGMT - Kids
Boyzone - Love you anyway
MIA - Paper Planes
Sia - Soon we'll be found
Sugarbabes - Girls

Looking at that list, I'm still surprised that one in particular didn't make it as a TOTW at any point. After all, I love the band, have their album, and often listen to it. I think it just didn't get the airplay when I was listening to the radio. And, there's no official video, which couldn't have helped. Kids of today eh, no effort...

(Here's an unofficial one)

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