Saturday, 22 November 2008

A Change from the chaos. Perhaps.

Before I go on, many thanks to Kev for filling the forced void last week. Unfortunately, it's also meant I'm behind on Alphabetising, and I've lost the Unsung I was in the process of writing on the old laptop. However, normal service should now be resumed (unless I break the replacement replacement laptop). Again.

TOTW 2008 - #47

Howling Bells - Into the Chaos - is a tune I'm not sure whilst I like it. It's just different I think

So, I don't like covers that often. But, once in a while...

That's Seal, with A Change is Gonna Come. You must recongise it, the opening line is just sensational. Orignally by Sam Cooke, this version looses nothing from the original. Class is actually a fair description.

Honourable mentions:
Kaiser Chiefs - Good Days, Bad Days Another catchy tune. Not much more to say about it though really...

Boyzone - Better. I know, it's wrong, and video is far too politically correct. Still, that might be why it's got a mention - so I can rant about the video. The idea of Boyzone having a video featuring a gay-love interest in their heyday is unimaginable. Now though, I suppose their fans are more accepting (ie. older). It's back to classic Boyzone ballads, and in that respect, it's a decent song when you've got the Mrs round - but that's as complimentary as I think I can get.

Alesha Dixon - The Boy does nothing. Delayed comment on this one, out since 10th November, funky, souly, great beat - what's not to love?

Ones to watch:
A new category, because I've heard glimpses of Glasvegas - Please come back home (1st Dec) on RadMac, and Pete and The Pirates - Jennifer (15 Dec -Digital) on RoundTable. Both are definitely prospective future TOTWs - but only prospective so far. Subject to airplay, expect future mentions before too long...

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