Monday, 17 November 2008

TOTW 17/11/08 : Chillout with the Kings of Leon and Friends.

You were expecting someone else? Our beloved snake like lawyer has suffered a bit of a problem in the technical area - his Laptop has packed up. So I gets a worried Text asking me if I can write this week's TOTW. Not I might add at the greatest moment, I've just finished 3 videos for a certain motorsport forum shot at a press do for the WRC, and none of them involved this music, so bear with me.

Lets start off with Asp's definate choice for TOTW, and I agree with him because this is fantastic. The Kings of Leon are on a roll at the moment with the release of their latest album, and "Use Somebody" has been unavoidable. It's a cracking track and definately deserves it's place at the top of the tree this week.

As usual he's given me the usual shortlist for the rest of them. so I'm only choosing the second place. Not that that's a problem since I would have chosen Leon for the first spot ... STOP WAFFLING STIGGY.

There is a distinctly acoustic feel to the rest of these, so better get on with it. Firstly, I've never heard of Shortwave Set, but I liked what I heard with "Glitches 'n' bugs". They do sound rather familiar though, can't think who I'm thinking of mind. Definately worth a listen if you want something not as full on as the Kings, but not too relaxing.

That honour goes to "The Leisure Society" who live up to their name beautifully with "The Last of the Melting Snow". It's a lovely laid back music just perfect to relax to. Sunlounger maybe, Ibiza definately not. It's just the sort of thing I'd have on my iPod for those sleepless nights...

Speaking of iPods...

That's the bizzarely named "Chairlift" and "Bruises". Which is actually a pretty good listen if you're after a bit of chillout with a beat. Although her voice does go a bit odd on the high notes, which is interesting.

So, one left, and it's the one I like the least; "School of Seven Bells" - " Half asleep". Whilst it's not actually that bad [reminds me of Ladyhawke from a few weeks back for some reason] I have to say that I'm not overly keen on it [just typed the band name there twice, I'm going mad] and so, your second place for the honours this week is...

Just relax with the interesting pictures... Enjoy!

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