Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Time for a long one...

Lots and lots and lots of songs begin with the letter "T". Even discounting anything that starts with "The".

I'm not really able to comment on everything in this week's playlist therefore, but I do want to draw attention to Smokey Robinson. I don't think I've even featured one artist twice in one 'alphabetising' playlist. I could have done it - even with ABBA this week - Take a Chance on Me was chosen over Thank you for the music. But, it was impossible to chose Tracks of my Tears or Tears of a Clown. Both are gorgeous. Both are fantastic. Both are deserving of playlisting. Enjoy the lot:

The letter T


Hazard said...

Pah! And the ones you meant to say were:

Talk Of The Town - The Pretenders
Taste - Ride
Telegraph - OMD
Tell That Girl To Shut Up - Holly & The Italians
Temptation - New Order
That Boy - Lloyd Cole
There Is No if... - The Cure
There She Goes - The La's
Thru The Flowers - The Primitives
To Here Knows When - My Bloody Valentine
The Tower That Ate People - Peter Gabriel
Transmission - Joy Division

In fact - I'm incensed. Missing Temptation completely invalidates your list! :)

Asp said...

Well, proof that "T" is a popular letter.

I probably would have mentioned a fair few of them if I'd remembered at the time. Missing New Order is a sin though, for which I am thoroughly ashamed...