Sunday, 22 February 2009

TOTW8: La Roux - In for the Kill

I just started watching the video for La Roux's In for the Kill and am immediately worried about a cameo by "The Hoff". Come on, jump in my car...

Putting those thoughts out of mind as far as possible, and just listening to the music, it's that unusually modern-retro sound that we've heard before. The chorus doesn't quite seem to fit with the rest of the song, a bit smoother than the rest; and then there's the futuristic cadenza near the end - but it still works. It's got that "get up and go", without being so overly "dance music" I won't like it.

Similarly different, and similarly from Sound of 2009, is the debut offering from Passion Pit - Sleepyhead. It's so unusual, I can't really describe it. High-pitched wailing sounds derogatory, but it's the most obvious theme to draw. It certainly took a few listens to decide I like it - which is perhaps a flaw - but I'll definitely rate it as a "grower".

Whilst iamundernodisguise might be a classic example of a malfunctioning space bar, the music by School of Seven Bells is classic in a different. Think monastic chanting, add a beat from a drum kit, and you're pretty well there. Yet again, from that description, it sounds horrible - but it really isn't. I wouldn't rate it as music for any particular occasion or mood - you wouldn't here it in "the club" for instance - but it's very well written.

For something completely different, Happy up here often reminds me of a computer game background music. Particularly the bit where the recurring theme drops a tone at a time - classic Nintendo. I doubt that was the influence for the Norweigan band, but it's quite a talent to pull of electronica whilst it still sounds nice and gentle.

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