Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Unsung - Flashguns

Way to tease me into listening to a band. The e-mail I received letting me know about Flashguns told me "they've just been in the studio with Stephen Street (The Smiths/Blur) working on the single".

He should know what he's on about then...

Surprisingly, once again, I then catch up on my RSS and find that Lammo's got there first

"A few days later I was back in north London to see Flashguns, whose '80s references lie more in the Postcard camp. In one of those strange moments of musical synchronicity, there seems to be a rush of bands at the moment who sound - to me at least - like spikier versions of early Orange Juice or maybe like the demos Rough Trade probably got sent in 1987 (have they all been reading Simon Reynolds book Rip It Up And Start Again?)."

-Steve Lamacq's 6 music blog

For once though, I'm not as enthusiastic as Steve. Listening to the band's myspace, I wasn't immediately bowled over by the music I heard. It was fine, I will listen to them again. But, the music, as The Cat says, is very "twisted". For me, it doesn't seem to end up going anywhere. I can't feel any beat. I can't find the tune. I can't sing along. I like music that I can feel. Maybe it is just a bit "too much".

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