Sunday, 15 February 2009

TOTW7: Coldplay - Life in Technicolou ii

A more 'normal' week at long last, and thankfully a much wider selection of tracks to mention.

Johnny Got a Boom Boom I've heard a few times over the past months - she first appeared on "Later...". But now, there's a release date - 2 March. Imelda May is described a "rockabilly", which I think is almost an insult, as a musical style it sounds derogatory. It isn't, and it certainly isn't meant to be - I urge you not to want to dance along with this track.

Released a few weeks back (25 Jan to be exact), Oh My God by Ida Maria is perhaps surprisingly similar to Imelda May. And not just because you can take the "mel" out of the latter to get the former. It's music with a definite beat, and is very easy to understand. You hear it once, and you'll recognise from that point for months. Ida Maria's music is all very distinctive - if I had one concern though it's that they're not completely distinctive from each other, which stops me from going out and buying the album.

Time to mention a couple "Sound of 2009" hopefuls. Dan Black is back with Alone (9 March), and with a very weird video. For some reason, I'm left thinking Calvin Harris - I think it's more the colours in the video than anything else, as the music can only be said to bear a passing resemblance at best. I do like Dan Black's style, and with Alone there's not much more to say about the style that's not been already said. However, whilst it's not totally different, it's still distinct. (BTW - Top Tip - Free download available on of his latest Demo, I Love Life, which also sounds pretty good).

Empire of the Sun were also in the list - and Walking on a Dream is getting airplay for what must be a re-release on Monday. It's not that I don't like the song, it's very like MGMT, and I love MGMT. But, it's very like MGMT. My flat mate just asked me if it was MGMT, so similar things sound. It's good music, but if I wanted to listen to MGMT, I'd listen to MGMT. A solitary single, it's great - soothing, bouncy, stylish. But you have to forget who's singing it to really enjoy it.

TOTW though goes to something fairly predictable for a change, and a "big" band. I know I've mentioned it before, but Life in Technicolour ii (2 Feb) by Coldplay is well written, stadium music - as the brilliant (and highly unusual) video shows. If I was in a mood to be really musical I'd refer to the effective continuo throughout. But I'm not, so I suggest you just listen and enjoy...

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