Monday, 16 March 2009

Blitzkrieg Unsung

So, once a month Lammo does his "Blitzkrieg Pop" - 30 songs in 60 minutes. I can't profess to be that good - but I'm clearing a few on my unsung backlist by summarising a selection of bands in one short sentence, which will hopefully encourage you to listen to them more. That's the theory at any rate...

Wolfgang - Instrumental alternative well written tunes

Souls of Diotima - Foreign, nice acoustic bits, then it gets raucous!

Andrew Kevin Newton - 80s influence? No, 60s. No, 80s again. Yes, definitely 80s.

Amphibic - Guitar-based indie. Some soothing, some more standard.

Detroit Social Club - Remember 90s American bands? Sing along, but not in an anthemic way.

The Lies - Energetic Indie Rock.

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